ok this is me sending a distress call into the tumblr void…

I need song suggestions for a Character study. GIVE ME IDEAS. Basically I’m looking for any song that talks about just one person, NOT ROMANTIC SONGS (why is it that every song suddenly is romantic? there’s got to be more songs out there people, I need help) It can be happy or sad or talk about whatever. I’m not set on any one character, so it can be about anyone, I just need song ideas!!

I’m so sick of thinking about this. If I don’t think of something by tonight I’m just not gonna worry about it anymore.

  1. littlemoresonic said: - “Paloma” (Carbon Leaf): dreamers, DW companions - “Left of Center” (Suzanne Vega): outcasts, introverts - “The Analyst” (Delta Goodrem): female, scientist/ overthinks things - Countless others! If you think of a character, I’ll look again.
  2. ofmeninblueboxesandtights said: Here are some character songs I like maybe they will work? Everybody Loves Me-One Republic, Shadowman-Barry Manilow, Oh-No- Marina and the Diamonds,Big Man on Mulberry Street- Billy Joel,Dear Agony-Breaking Benjamin,Sleepyhead-Passion Pit
  3. qxqlz said: Brandi Carlile “Happy” ?
  4. better-dead-than-crowley said: Search and Destroy by 30 Seconds to Mars, Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine, Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine, Buried Alive by Lovers and Liars, Nothing Left Here to Burn by Lovers and Liars, Lions! by Lights, Falling Down by Oasis
  5. hm0880 said: Probably not what you’re looking for, but lately, I’ve really been enjoying Joe Bonamassa (a blues guitarist). My two favorites are “The Ballad Of John Henry” and “The Whale That Swallowed Jonah,” which are both on YouTube. :)
  6. missclaraoswin said: Swim by Jack Mannequin ?
  7. thefandomchronicles said: The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance, What doesn’t Kill you - Kelly Clarkson, One Day I’ll Fly Away - Nicole Kidman. Hope these help :)
  8. entermacbeth said: Fade Away by Breaking Benjamin.
  9. hbowlergirl said: Try listening to the band RED they have alot of good shows for that.
  10. canonholmes said: M83 - Car Chase Terror The Hoosiers - Killer Waltz - Fiona Apple Handlebars - Flobot I’m not okay -My Chemical Romance. You know what they do to guys like us in prison - My Chemical Romance. …. Sorry if you don’t like my musical tastes :p
  11. queenofriot said: Hugo -99 Problems ; Safety Dance ; Lenka - The Show ; All By Myself ; Can’t Touch This - MC Hammer ; some random ones ^^
  12. buckysleftarm said: to go with my message: azlyrics.com/r/radic…
  13. penaltywaltz said: "Help I’m Alive" by Metric, perhaps?
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